Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation and refund policy?
For cancellation requests received prior to the first scheduled division game, a $25 administration fee will be deducted. No refunds will be given for cancellations requested after the first scheduled division game. Due to limited volunteer time, the league will process all eligible player refunds at one time in October.

Need your child fitness tax credit receipt?
To receive a copy of your child's registration receipt for the current or past season, select Update Profile, log in with your username and password and then select "Resend Registration Receipt".

Looking for financial support for registration fees?
Players may be eligible for financial assistance to cover registration fees from such programs as Athletics for Kids (A4K) and KidSport. To learn more about these programs or to apply for funding, please visit or

When does online registration open and when is the deadline?
Registration for the September season opens in March. Registration is open for each division while space is available. Most divisions had a waitlist last season so register early to avoid disappointment.

I am on the waitlist. When will I be notified if a place becomes available?
The age group coordinator for your division will contact you if space becomes available usually in mid September. Depending on the number of additional players on the wait list, the league may be able to add additional teams if gym space is available.

How do I register and do I have to pay by credit card?

Select Register and follow the online directions for registration. The league uses a secure online registration system as the primary method for player registration to reduce the administrative burden on volunteers. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact the Registrar ( to make alternative arrangements.

Can I pay by cheque?
We strongly discourage payment by cheque. The league has an online registration system and as a volunteer organization it is far easier to have registration by Visa or Mastercard to avoid the time-consuming effort and risk of handling cheques. We use Moneris secure payment system and we do not store credit card information. 

Will my credit card be charged if I am placed on a waitlist?
If players are placed on a waitlist, the credit card will not be charged until the player has been assigned to a team.

How do I update my email address or add another email address after I registered?
To update and manage your contact information such as your email address, phone number or mailing address, visit Update Profile. You will be required to login. You can click on Forgot user name / password? on the Login Page if you need help to retrieve your username or password.

Can my friend and I request to be assigned to the same team?

It is a difficult task to balance teams. The Age Group Coordinator needs to consider many factors including player and coach practice night availability as well as player skill level, age and height based on the Skills and Drills sessions.

This information is used to create teams and quickly becomes complicated and time-sensitive. For this reason, the League is unable to accept player placement request.

The good news is that we find players make new friends every year they play in the League so that by the time they go to high school they know lots of people from different schools.

EXCEPTION: For a limited time, the league will consider player requests for the grade 4/5 and 6/7 girls divisions where the league would like to encourage more players. Any new player who has not played with our league before can request to play with a returning player in the same division.   

The League will also consider requests for players in the Grade 2/3 Division to be placed with a friend where possible as they are new to the sport.
During registration, please specify the referring friend in the section titled "Referred by". This section can be found above the Mailing Address section of the registration.

How many players are on each team?
Our goal is to provide eight players for Grade 2/3 teams, nine for grade 4/5 teams and 10 for Grades 6/7 and 8/9 teams. Additional players may be added from the waitlist to existing teams if there are not enough players to form a new team.

Why do teams get reshuffled after the first game?
We use the evaluations from the Skills and Drills in early September to create balanced teams. In most cases, the Age Group Coordinators do a great job balancing teams based on age, skills and height as well as player and coach availability. Unfortunately, it is not easy and sometimes players need to be moved to better match the teams. We know this can be unsettling for players, parents and coaches so we strongly discourage any requests for team changes after teams have been finalized.

Why do Grade 6/7s play on a half court instead of a full court?
The simple answer is gym space. The League can have four teams playing on the half courts rather than two teams playing on the full court. We realize the courts are small, especially for the grade 7s, but the opportunity to play on the full courts will soon come in the Grades 8/9 division.

What do I do with lost or found items from a practice or game?
The best option is to return to the gym to see if the item has been returned or leave the item with the reception or front desk. You can also contact the League Administrator ( with a brief description of the item(s). Remember, to include your email and phone number so others can contact you. Please also let us know if the item you reported missing has been found.

Why have I not received a response to my email? We are a volunteer organization and our volunteers are busy so it may take a while to respond. If you are sending an email during the summer months when the league is not in session, it is likely that our volunteers are enjoying a break or we don't have an age group coordinator in place yet so you may not receive a response until early September. Hopefully most questions are answered above. Thanks for being patient!