Make Kids Love Basketball

Our league philosophy, coaching mandates and the rules that govern play are developed to "make kids love basketball".

Delbrook Steve Nash Youth Basketball is a developmental league.

Every attempt is made at the beginning of the season to form balanced teams in the hopes that all games will be close and competitive

It is a league where all players are treated equally and fun is the name of the game.

Players should be encouraged to take risks, to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and not be afraid to make mistakes.

While games are competitive at all age levels, respect for the other team and enjoyment for all players should be the number one priority of the coaches.

Coaches are encouraged to focus on fundamentals and allow kids to play all positions the tall kid playing only post positions in grade 6/7 could end up needing the skills to play guard in grade 8/9.

Set plays and complicated offenses are not suggested; teaching kids to think while they are playing is encouraged.

Most importantly, all kids deserve equal attention, unskilled players can be taught to be full contributors while skilled players can be made into play-makers, passers and leaders.